Not sure if a financial advisor is right for you? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions and see if they resolve any of your questions. And, if they don’t, please contact us and ask!

Why should I hire a financial advisor?

A financial advisor can help you ensure greater control and achievement of your financial goals. Setting goals, measuring progress, and adapting to changes are just some of the services that financial advisors offer. Most people know that they need to save, but don’t know how to save most effectively in order to make the most of their unique tax situation. Halyard Financial analyzes all aspects of your financial life and helps you make decisions with all pieces of the puzzle in mind. We look at everything through a tax-focused lens to maximize your after-tax return on investment. Unlike most advisors, Halyard also provides tax preparation services so you can consolidate service providers and capitalize on tax-saving ideas more efficiently.

Here’s more on why hiring a financial advisor might be the right choice for you.

What does it mean to be a fee-only firm?

A fee-only firm is one that makes money only through a fee charged as a percentage of assets. Halyard acts as a fiduciary to all of its clients and will never receive compensation for the investments or products that we recommend. All our recommendations are made solely for the benefit of the client.

Is having a financial advisor really worth the annual fee?

Financial costs are important to consider, but choosing a good financial advisor should make it absolutely worth it. Cost-efficient diversification, tax saving strategies, and investment discipline along with many other custom services offered by financial advisors provide value far in excess of the fee.

Can you offer a growth-based fee instead of an asset-based fee?

The SEC does not allow charging a planning fee based solely on the growth of the portfolio. Growth-based fee structures incentivize advisors to take inappropriate amounts of risk to maximize advisor fees. Asset-based fees align client and advisor interests in the fairest way possible.

I don’t have a lot of savings currently. Can you even help me?

Starting the journey of saving for retirement is a very important step and a financial planner can provide a lot of invaluable advice on how and where to save. At Halyard, we have no minimum client asset level. We are excited to work with anyone that is ready to start working towards their financial goals.

I’ve just started my career. Am I too young to have a financial advisor?

Having a financial advisor early on in your career offers fantastic benefits. Hiring an advisor while you have a small amount of assets is typically inexpensive and can help you establish long-term wealth creation strategies that many people don’t take advantage of until they are much older. By starting off on the right path, you’ll have a far greater chance of achieving your retirement and investment goals.

I have friends I’m willing to refer. Do you have a referral incentive?

We encourage referrals as it is a large part of the way we expand our business, but we do not offer any specific referral incentives. If you have a friend that you believe could benefit from working with us, feel free to pass along our contact information.

I have a question that’s not listed in the FAQ. Can I still ask it?

Of course! Please contact us here or at