It is very important that you check out how we get paid. We want to be transparent about our pricing and for you to actually know what you are paying to receive financial advice. We proudly say that we charge for financial planning – it is not free.

To start, we are a fee-only financial planning firm. This simply means we will never make commissions or receive referral kickbacks. The only way we make money is through a fixed annual fee that we agree upon in advance.

Our minimum annual fee is currently $3,000 for single individuals and $4,200 for couples. This is the starting point. After that, there is a concurrent calculation that runs to calculate your fee. You begin paying the calculated fee once the calculation exceeds the minimum fee.

Our calculation is based on your investable assets. We are the first to acknowledge this isn’t the most unbiased way to calculate a fee but it is simple, transparent, and easy to calculate.

Our fee structure is based on investable assets. All assets within a tier are charged at a certain rate. Once you reach the next tier, the fee on those assets within the tier are lower.

Assets$1M$1M – $5M$5M+
Fee Rate1.00%0.50%0.25%

Here is a calculator to help you estimate your fee:

To really drive home the calculation, let’s say you have $1,400,000 at the start of working with us. The calculation is as follows: ($1,000,000 * 1.00% + $400,000 * 0.50%) = $12,000/yr or $1,000/mo.

This fee can be taken directly from your investment accounts or paid from your bank. We will help you setup whichever payment structure that makes sense and reduces your taxes.

If you would like to setup a time to talk about how we could work together and to see if we would be a fit for your needs, please use the scheduling calendar below: