We help you solve your financial problems. We collaborate with you to plan for the many goals that you have. We learn what is most important to you, develop ideas, then implement those ideas to create meaningful change in your life.

This is what financial peace of mind looks like to us

We began Halyard to resolve two common problems found in traditional financial management:

  1. Individuals typically have multiple advisors who do not work together to cohesively manage their full financial picture;
  2. Advisors commonly recommend complicated financial plans where the hidden costs outweigh the benefits to the client.

We simplify investment planning and focus on reducing overall fees to boost total portfolio performance. We don’t believe advisors can beat the market through active management over the long run and the costs add up for underperformance. To achieve this we use low-cost indexed ETFs and mutual funds to diversify amongst critical asset classes and we utilize historical market returns to develop a portfolio customized for your unique risk characteristics and return objectives. We develop savings plans that utilize tax-advantaged asset location to the fullest advantage, maximizing after-tax return on investment.


Halyard will always act as a full fiduciary by recommending ideas that benefit you. We focus on wealth creation, not just growing investment portfolios. Unlike many traditional financial planning firms, Halyard will never receive any compensation from the investment products we recommend or from anyone that we refer you to.

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