We analyze all aspects of your financial life to develop actionable goals and plans to meet those goals with all pieces of the financial puzzle clearly in mind. We look through a tax-focused lens to analyze all your financial decisions. Unlike most advisors, Halyard also provides tax preparation services so you can capitalize on tax-saving ideas more efficiently. The goal of our firm is to provide holistic financial planning and recommendations that provide you with total peace of mind. We provide planning services on retirement, non-retirement goals, tax management, investment strategy, debt management, probate avoidance, insurance needs, online financial security and much more.

Our main focus to bring value to you is through lifetime tax reduction. We conduct long-term planning focused on the key differences in the taxability of your income over the various stages of your life. We intertwine tax planning with your short-term and long-term goals to effectively achieve your goals. We simplify investment planning and reduce overall fees to boost total portfolio performance. We don’t believe advisors can beat the market through active management over the long-term. Plus, the costs tend to add up dramatically for advisor underperformance. Instead, we utilize low-cost ETFs to diversify assets amongst critical asset classes and historical market returns to develop a portfolio customized for your unique risk characteristics and return objectives. We develop savings plans with long-term tax management as the focus. We utilize tax efficient asset location to maximize your after-tax return on investment.

Efficient debt management is a core area that we work with all of our clients. Whether it is paying off student loans or the final 5 years of a mortgage, we discuss with clients the options and the most effective pay-down method to boost their overall wealth.

We help our clients with estate planning and probate avoidance, but we do not provide legal services or document creation. Our focus is in determining ways to lower the value of your probate estate under your state’s small estate exclusion. This generally will allow your heirs to file a few page document and avoid dealing with any court proceedings.

As with legal services, we also advise on the amount of insurance you need but are completely independent of the selling process. You should never have the same person that sells you insurance tell you how much you need. Since we are not compensated based on the insurance, we provide estimates that will maximize your long-term financial security which is of top priority to us.

We incorporate online financial security into our financial planning services. This includes implementing best practice password management and taking steps to monitor for website breaches that could impact the client.

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