Our speciality is working with people that will make the transition to retirement within the next 5 years. Our biggest value driver is our tax-focused mentality. Now to age 70 is the most important tax planning phase of your life. Developing the framework for how you will pay yourself, get insurance, begin Social Security and pay the least amount of taxes is what we are the best at. There are so many different moving pieces and we know how they all fit together.

You have a few critical phases in your life coming at you in rapid succession:

  1. Final years of saving
  2. Beginning retirement (the fun years)
  3. Medicare and Social Security Age
  4. Age 70 1/2

All of these require different strategies all focused around the idea of lifetime tax minimization. Most importantly, the preceding stages all impact how effective strategies can be in the latter years.

We want to build out strategies and plans for each of these stages. When I say this, I do not mean “financial plan print-outs” or rigid documents that we send you home with and that you never look at. We focus on financial planning not the financial plan. We focus on action items not forecasting. We want to develop a playbook for how we will tackle every stage.

We need to build that playbook now. Every decision we make today impacts the ability to take advantage of opportunities in the future.

If you want to retire before Age 55, then we need to make sure there is enough liquid savings above the 72(t) distribution that we can do to meet your needs.

If you want to keep your health insurance costs low until you reach Medicare age, then we CANNOT have all of your savings in pre-tax accounts when you retire.

If you want to make sure your Required Minimum Distributions don’t throw you into an unsustainable tax situation by age 70 1/2, we have to develop a strategy for doing Roth conversions for your lower tax bracket years.

You have so much opportunity. We want to help you take advantage of that opportunity. We harp on taxes because they are a tangible benefit, but taxes are probably only 50% of the benefit we provide.

Developing a low-cost, sustainable investment strategy that matches your needs is another 25% of the value we provide.

We provide you advice on your estate planning, any insurance policies you may have accumulated before working with us (because we are unlikely to recommend that you utilize any insurance products besides immediate lifetime annuities), and any other financial concerns or opportunities that you may have.

Lastly, there are also the numerous areas where we provide intangible benefit. Time saving, worry reduction, not making a life-altering mistake, how to tackle emotionally difficult decisions. We want to be the financial partner that you can rely on for unbiased advice.